The Garden Workers

"Sun, shadows, passing hours,

Gardens, garden workers, flowers"

Established 1930

The Garden Workers' Annual Photography Show

TGW Photography Schedule 2018


Class 1: New Beginning – color


Class 2: A Landscape or Seascape – color


Class 3: Arch/Architecture

  1. A photo of an arch or series of arches, with or without live plant material– color
  2. A photo showing an architectural detail – black and white - plant material not required


Class 4: Fences – Novice – color – Smart Phone only


Class 5: Kaleidoscope – color – Creative Technique encouraged but not mandatory. See rules for the definition of creative technique.

If using creative technique, exhibitor should supply a 4 x 6 of the original to be displayed after the judging.


2017 Show Results

There were 33 entries submitted by 12 members including 3 Provisionals. Kudos to Nima Marsh for sending her 3 entries in the mail from Florida!

The show received a commendation from the judges for the impressive number of entries, the quality and imagination of photos.

Class 1: Circle

              Blue: Debbie Laverell

              Red:  Lura Wampler

              Yellow: Nima Marsh

              HM: Pam Fernley

              HM Mary Jo Strawbridge

              Other Entries: Nancy Heckscher and Martha Lombardo

Class 2: Color – Non novice

              Blue: Lura Wampler

              Red: Debbie Laverell

              Yellow: Mary Jo Strawbridge

              HM: Pam Fernley

              HM Patsy Walls

              Other Entries: Jan Clark and Martha Lombardo


Class 2 Color – Novice  

              Red: Suzanne Ciongoli

Class 3: Reflection

              Blue: Debbie Laverell & Best In Show

              Red: Pam Fernley

              Yellow: Nima Marsh

              HM: Martha Lombardo

              HM Mary Jo Strawbridge

              Other Entries: Jan Clarke, Patsy Walls and Lura Wampler

Class 4: Contrast

              Blue: Martha Lombardo

              Red: Missy Kathol

              Yellow: Lura Wampler

              HM: Jan Clarke

              HM Nima Marsh

              Other Entries: Suzanne Ciongoli, Michelle Constable, Pam Fernley, Debbie Laverell and Mary Jo Strawbridge

TGW Photography Show Historical Results







Slideshow of 2016 Winners
Slideshow of 2015 Winners
 Photography Show Rules
  1.    Photos must incorporate plant material unless otherwise stated.

  2.    All photos must be either  8” x 10”, 8” x 12” or 9” x 12”.

    3.    Photos are to be securely mounted on white, ivory or black 11” x 14” mat board.

    4.     If a class calls for creative techniques, this means that the photo has been manipulated to achieve an effect entirely different from the realistic or recognizable image  as seen through the camera lens.

    5.     An exhibitor can enter each class only once.

    6.     Exhibitor’s name should be written on the back of her entry and also an arrow pointing to the top of the photo.

    7.     Entry times are between 8:30 and 9:15.

    8.    No entry will be accepted after 9:15.

    9.     Removal time is 1:00. If you must leave before that, please ask someone else to collect your photos

Show Commmittee

Lura Wampler, Pam McMullin, Martha Lombardo and Patsy Walls

Class 3 - Reflection
Blue Ribbon and Best in Show
Debbie Laverell
Class 1 - Circle
Blue Ribbon
Debbie Laverell
Class 2 - Color
Blue Ribbon
Lura Wampler
Class 4 - Contrast
Blue Ribbon
Martha Lombardo

GCA Scale of Points for Judging Photography

Creativity                          30

Composition                      25

Technical Merit                  20

Distinction                        15

Interpretation of theme      10

Total                                100

Flower Show Points for Photography 

Points awarded for photography entries will be used to calculate total cumulative points, but not be used to determine total artistic or horticulture points.








Award Points:








White – HM


Best in Photography Show