The Garden Workers

"Sun, shadows, passing hours,

Gardens, garden workers, flowers"

Established 1930

The Garden Workers Photo Gallery

The Garden Workers Welcome Back Party - Scavenger Hunt and Cocktail Party - September 17

The guests were greeted at the entrance to the Kolff's magnificent garden with a glass of wine and the scavenger hunt plant list which you see below.  They wandered through the garden and matched the numbered plant with its name on the sheet.  Since all Garden Workers are fabulous horticulturalists, everyone matched all the plants and plant names correctly - so 3 winners were chosen at random and awarded amazing pumpkin and gourds planted with succulents - made by Janet. 

After the scavenger hunt, everyone went next door to the Laverells where they were found delicious food and libations.

Look below and see if you can identify the plants and for a few photos from the party
Below are the photos of the plants and a few pictures from the party!
The Garden Workers Benefit Party - May 21, 2017
Photos by Ginny Williams
Garden Party in the Park at the Magnolia Tribute Garden - May 11
The PCGCA raised money last year to restore the Magnoia Tribute Garden in honor of the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.  On May 11, representatives of all 10 gardend clubs joined in celebrating its completion.  The National Park Service also attended.  Following the ceremony, attendees (some wearing hats and white gloves) walked to Powell House for the tea. 

Celebrating this special garden The Garden Workers were represnted by (front row) Susan Ayres, Lura Wampler, Sallie Greenough and (back row) Mary Jo Strawbridge and Laura Gregg
The Garden Workers visit Methodist Services in Philadelphia
September, 20 2016
They provide enriching programs to children, adults and families who are facing serious challenges.
To learn more about this wonderful organization, visit their website. Methodist Services
The Garden Workers Benefit Party in June, 2016
Some pictures from our Benefit Party,  held at Melissa and David Clark's beautiful house - even a little rain couldn't dampen our spirits!
Our March Speaker: Micaiah Hall,  Farm Manager and Educator at The Mill Creek Farm, West Philadelphia

Mill Creek Farm is an educational urban farm located in West Philadelphia that is dedicated to improving local access to fresh produce, building a healthy community and environment, and promoting a just and sustainable food system.

They envision a world in which everyone has access to affordable, healthy, culturally appropriate food, and where local communities work collaboratively to build a food system that is socially just and environmentally and economically sustainable.

Micaiah is an experienced gardener, who has designed and installed vegetable gardens for community organizations in Philadelphia, PA and Atlanta, GA.  He won first place in the Best Residential Vegetable Garden Competition by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society in 2013.  Micaiah has an extensive background working with disadvantaged youth to promote physical health through fitness and gardening.  He is passionate about empowering communities to develop their own local food system, and strives to educate youth and families on healthy lifestyle choices.

To learn more about this wonderful organization, click this link to visit their website

The 2015 Garden Workers Benefit Party 
Party was held at Pat and Jack Kolff's  lovely House and Gardens on May 31, 2015
April Meeting -  Botanical Arts
Jane Kilduff , botanical jewelry maker extraordinaire, showed the Garden Workers how she transforms dried plant material into beautiful art
October Meeting at Robertson's Flowers Greenhouse and Design Studio
Eric Schelack Design Demonstration