The Garden Workers

"Sun, shadows, passing hours,

Gardens, garden workers, flowers"

Established 1930

Philadelphia Committee of the Garden Club of America (PCGCA)


The PCGCA was conceived in 1964 by three Zone V Club Presidents. It was their vision that the combined talents and resources of all of its members would enable the Committee to accomplish
major projects in Philadelphia that could not easily be carried out by any single club.

PCGCA  2017-2018 Meeting Schedule
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All Garden Workers are invited to attend

PCGCA meetings and workdays.


09/20/17                                    Methodist Services’ Heritage Farm

Wednesday                              4300 Monument Road, Philadelphia PA 19131


09/27/17                                    Concourse Lake Fall Workday, 10:00–noon.

Wednesday                              Rain date: Wednesday, 10/04/17


10/18/17                                    The Woodlands, 10:00 am

Wednesday                              4000 Woodland Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19104 


11/01/17                                    PCGCA Joint Meeting, 10:00 am

Wednesday                              Philadelphia CC, Gladwyne PA

Speaker: Bob Irvins, American Rivers

Host: GC of Phila with help from Four Counties GC


11/08/17                                    Zone V Mini Meeting

Wednesday                              Sugarloaf Conference Center,

Chestnut Hill College, Phila. PA


01/17/18                                    The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, 10:00 am

Wednesday                              100 North 20th Street, Philadelphia PA 19103


03/21/18                                    General Meeting & Grant Voting

Wednesday            Clubhouse of the Men’s GC of Phila, 10:00 am

56 Fairview Road, Penn Valley PA


04/25/18                                    Magnolia Tribute Garden Workday, 10:00–noon

Wednesday                              Locust Street, between 4th & 5th Streets

                                                                        (Garden Workers, Gardeners, Huntingdon Valley)


05/16/18                                    Historic Germantown, 10:00 a.m.

Wednesday                              5501 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19144


06/20/18                                    Annual Meeting & Voting of Officers

Wednesday                              Stenton, 10:00 am

                               4601 North 18th Street, Philadelphia PA 19140


For detailed information, please visit the PCGCA website at:

Username:  pcgcamember    

Password:  compost


PCGCA Chair        Ginnie Tietjens, Huntingdon Valley GC  610-967-4070

The Garden Workers' Representatives to the Philadelphia Committee (formerly PCGCA) - 2016-2017


Governance                                              Hilary Maner

Corresponding Secretary                       Sue Rice


TGW Liaison to Fertilizer Fund               Ginny Williams