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Native Plant Resources

 At a Garden Workers meeting, Susan Ayres provided a list of some great resources to find information about native plants.  You can use these sites to see if plants you are interested in are native to your area.  


  Plant ID;  lists of gardens, arboreta and garden centers 


                   Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center – has plant database for North American plants



Houseplants: A Field Guide

Houseplants are not living indoors by choice. Ever since Victorian plant collectors brought home exotic tropical specimens, we’ve been coaxing warm-climate natives to thrive inside our homes.


The secret to keeping a houseplant alive is to replicate its natural growing zone by giving it the amount of humidity, light, and water it prefers. Most houseplants fall into two categories, tropical (including ferns, palms, vines) or succulent (such as varieties of aloe, aeonium, and echeveria). The most popular houseplant of this decade, the fiddle-leaf fig, would rather be living in a West African rain forest than in your living room, so prepare to coddle it.


Where to start when it comes to houseplant care? Our field guides and expert posts offer tips and advice useful to both the novice and the veteran. Two rules of thumb for houseplant care: tropical plants like humidity (think: steamy bathroom) and succulents like dry warmth.

Garden Tips and Tools - Deadheads Pocket Snips - Available at Terrain
Click this link to see a list of Garden Tips and Tools presented by Debbie Gibbons-Neff and Michelle Constable at our April meeting
How to Propagate Plants from Cuttings
Click here to open and or download the tutorial on plant propagation
Gardeners prowl for great plants in Amish country

Lancaster County Nurseries and Markets - read the full article

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Make a day of it!

1. Conestoga Nursery, 310 Reading Rd.,

East Earl, Pa. 17519, 717-445-4076. Sells trees, shrubs, perennials.

2. Horst Farm Market, 582 Reading Rd.,

East Earl, Pa. 17519, 717-445-9514. Sells fruit, vegetables, homemade baked goods.

3. Black Creek Greenhouses, 211 E. Black Creek Rd.,

East Earl, Pa. 17519, 717-445-5046. Sells annuals, perennials, bulbs, vegetable plants, hanging baskets.

4. Briar Rose Greenhouses, 1581 Briertown Rd., East Earl, Pa. 17519, 717-354-2167. Sells annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, vegetable plants, tropicals.

5. Martin's Greenhouse, 5489 Division Highway, Narvon, Pa. 17555, 717-354-7546. Sells hellebores, hostas, and other perennials; lettuces; some tropicals.

6. Willow Brook Nursery, 2162 Compass Rd., Honey Brook, Pa., 610-273-7111. Sells annuals, herbs, vegetable and fruit plants, hanging baskets. Cash only.

7. King's Herb Nook, 1060 Compass Rd., Honey Brook, Pa. 19233, 610-273-4583. Sells dried herbs, herb plants, herbal crafts, books, tea, and other products.

8. Route 10 Roadside Market, 941 Compass Rd., Honey Brook, Pa. 19344, 610-273-7793. Sells annuals, fresh produce and fruit, bulk foods, local honey, and other products. Cash only.