The Garden Workers

"Sun, shadows, passing hours,

Gardens, garden workers, flowers"

Established 1930

The Garden Workers Flower Show Schedule

All entries should conform to Rules For Flower Shows

Fall 2018 Flower Show

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September 18, 2018 -Saunders House, Wynnewood
Entry: 8:15 - 9:15am
Removal: 3:30pm
(No entries accepted after 9:15am)
Please refer to the Flower Show rules  on our website.
Please note: exhibitors may enter more than one class, but may not enter the same class twice.
Partnering in the artistic classes is encourag



May 15, 2018

Presbyterian Village, Rosemont

Entry: 8:15–9:15am  – Removal: 3:30pm

 (No entries accepted after 9:15am)




Artistic Classes:  All entries must conform to Rules for Flower Shows.


Class 1: Waterfalls

A cascade design to be displayed on a black pedestal (12” x 12” x 36”).  Design may extend below pedestal top but may not touch the ground. Viewed from 3 sides; judged from front

Entries: 4    Consultant: TBD


Class 2:  Puddles

An underwater design in a glass vase (approximately 10” in diameter, provided by the committee), to be staged on a tabletop surface approximately 30” off the ground.  At least half of the floral material must be positioned under water. Viewed from the front and above; judged from the front.

Entries: 4    Consultant: TBD


Class 3:  Rocky Road

A creative design incorporating a rock. To be displayed on a tabletop surface approximately 30” off the ground and not to exceed 18” in any direction. Viewed from 3 sides but judged from the front

Entries: 4 Consultant: TBD


Class 4: Small Wonders

A miniature design (up to 5” in any direction) incorporating a found, natural object to be staged on a small (white) pedestal approximately 42” above the floor. Staging provided by committee. Judged from the front

Entries: 4    Consultant: TBD



Horticulture Classes:                                                                                                    

Emphasis on, but not limited to, native/indigenous plants.  Each class will be subdivided accordingly.  To be displayed in green glass bottle unless otherwise specified. Wedging with green moss required. Container grown plants from a windowsill or balcony are encouraged. No invasive species


Class 1:  The Taste of Nature

A collection of 3 or more cut herb specimen, artistically arranged in owners’ container Not to exceed 10” in any direction. Identifying key card required with exhibit.


Class 2: The Scent of Nature

Specimen cutting not to exceed 18” tip to tip

A.              Viburnum                                                    E. Rhododendron

B.              Lilac                                                                                  F. Narcissus

C.              Vine                                                               G. Rose

D.              Peony                                                           H. Other

Class 3: The Sight of Nature

A single specimen cutting of the best-looking bloom from a shrub or tree, not to exceed 24” tip to tip

A. Shrub

B. Tree

Class 4: The Texture of Nature

A single specimen cutting (not to exceed 18” tip to tip) whose foliage or flowers represent one of the following textures

A.              Fuzzy

B.              Rough

C.              Smooth

D.              Prickly

Class 5: Nature on the Porch

A spring planter of exhibitors’ choice suitable for a balcony or porch creatively exhibiting at least 3 different plant varieties. May include annuals and perennials. Planter not to exceed 18” in any diameter


Class 6: Nature in the House - Houseplants displayed in their pots

A. Grown for flowers                                                                          C. Cacti and succulents

                             1. Pot 6” and under                                              1. Pot 6” and under

                    2. Pot 6-12”                                                                               2. Pot 6-12”

B. Grown for foliage

                    1. Pot 6” and under    

                    2. Pot 6-12”