The Garden Workers

"Sun, shadows, passing hours,

Gardens, garden workers, flowers"

Established 1930

The Garden Workers Flower Show Schedule

All entries should conform to Rules For Flower Shows



April 16, 2019

Presbyterian Village, Rosemont


Entry: 8:15–9:15am – Removal: 3:30pm

(No entries accepted after 9:15am)

All entries must conform to Rules for Flower Shows



Artistic Classes:


Class 1: Hand-tied bouquet – displayed in a clear glass vase in water (vase provided by the exhibitor)

                  A. Focusing on texture (mono chromatic plus green)

                  B. Focusing on color?


Class 2: Table centerpiece – (mechanics, except floral foam, are

permitted but not required)?

       A. Low, less than 12" in height and depth

                  B. Tall, using a container at least 18” in height (vase, candlestick,                                     or structure, provided by the exhibitor)


Class 3: Boutonniere – 5" or less in width and height (to be displayed

on black cardboard square and a clear plexiglass stand, both are provided by the committee)

                  A. Novice

                  B. Advanced


All classes have unlimited entries and will be staged on table tops with white tablecloths. Underlays (such as cloth or tile) may be used at the discretion of the exhibitor and will be included in the judging.


Horticulture Classes:

Emphasis on, but not limited to, native/indigenous plants. Each class will be subdivided accordingly. To be displayed in green glass bottle unless otherwise specified. Wedging with moss or natural sponge. Container grown plants from a windowsill or balcony are encouraged. No invasive species

Class 1: Bulbs, Corms, Tubers, RhizomesSingle stem exhibiting a flower, not to exceed 24” in length:

                  A. Tulip
                                     E. Snowdrop                             I. Anemone

                  B. Daffodil
                               F. Grape Hyacinth J. Allium

                  C. Crocus                                    G. Iris                                           K. Other

                  D. Hyacinth 
                            H. Fritillaria


Class 2: Flowering Shrubs A seasonal single branch exhibiting flowers, not to exceed 24” in length:

                  A. Dogwood                              F. Daphne                                  K. Kerria

                  B. Azelea                                    G. Spirea                                     L. Viburnum

                  C. Hamamelis                            H. Deutzia                                  M. Other

                  D. Forsythia                               I. Pieris

                  E. Fothergilla                             J. Quince

Class 3: Branches without flowers

A single branch, not to exceed 24” in length

                  A. Needle-leaf evergreen

                  B. Broad-leaf evergreen

                  C. Branch without any leaves


Class 4: Forced Potted Plants, pot not to exceed 10” in diameter

                  A. Amaryllis                               C. Tulip

                  B. Daffodil                                  D. Other


Class 5: Vegetables

A single sample of early season, outdoor grown vegetables.

                  A. Lettuce                                  C. Herb

                  B. Peas                                        D. Other


Class 6: Houseplant

                  A. Pot 6” and under                                 

                  B. Pot larger than 6”




• Entries are due during the time noted at the top of each schedule.

• Exhibitor should remain in the exhibit area until all her entries are passed.

• She may not touch an entry once it has been passed.

• Entries must remain in place until the end of the show and must be picked up at the designated time.

• Green entry cards (provided) should show the botanical and common names for plant material used in all horticulture entries.

• In artistic classes, a 3”x5” white index card listing all botanical and common names of plant material should accompany the Blue entry card.

• Containers are provided by the exhibitor unless otherwise specified.

• Classes may be subdivided at the discretion of the committee.

• Every member is encouraged to enter each show.

• Dogwood, Ground Pine, and Arbutus have been placed on the flower show restricted list and may not be used, unless grown by the exhibitor and thus stated.

For help with plant nomenclature, see GW website under Flower Show Rules.


Design Classes

Members may enter as a pair and split the points. Fresh plant material must predominate unless otherwise specified. Live material must be in water or conditioned so that it remains in excellent form for the duration of the show. Artificial plant material is not permitted.?Designs must conform to the dimensions stated in the schedule. Mechanics must not show.?Stands, mats, and accessories are permitted, unless otherwise stated.?No bird’s nests or threatened/endangered species are permitted. Cut fruit or vegetables are permitted if properly treated to prevent spoilage. Check with consultant for advice. Once committed to an entry, exhibitor must call the consultant and find a substitute if she cannot fulfill her commitment.


Horticulture Classes

• All container entries must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for     at least 3 months. Any cut specimens should come from the exhibitor’s property only.

• Two entries may be made by an exhibitor in the same class if they aredifferent cultivars.

• Cut specimens are to be displayed in green glass bottles only and can be wedged with natural sponge or moss if necessary.

• A specified pot size refers to the top interior diameter.

• Dimensions stated for a cut specimen refer to that of specimen itself and do not include the container.