The Garden Workers

"Sun, shadows, passing hours,

Gardens, garden workers, flowers"

Established 1930

The Garden Workers at the 2017 PHS  Philadelphia Flower Show

The 2017 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, “Holland: Flowering the World,” celebrated the beauty and ingenuity of Dutch culture, from vivid flower fields to innovative eco-design, on March 11 to 19, 2017, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The Garden Workers came through with flying colors at the show in 2017.


  • The club’s Windowsill entry placed third (94 out of  a possible 100 points) in a very competitive group.

  • Laura Gregg took the blue ribbon for her entry in the “Tulip Mania” class

  • Suzanne Hay’s small niche took a blue and her pedestal design (with Hilary Maner) was deemed “Best of the Blues” on the day it was judged.

  • Mary Jo Strawbridge won Honorable Mention for her ‘Portrait interpretation’: Brushstrokes

  • Nancy Heckscher won honorable mention for her small niche 'Spice of Life'

    Several Provisionals entered the horticulture classes - kudos to Suzanne Ciangoli who took blue ribbons for her tulips and narcissus classes. (She’s no longer a “novice”)

  • Sue Chapin:  Three 2nd places and 1 third place for Narcissus

  • Suzanne Ciongoli: 1st place for Narcissus and 1st place for Tulips

  • Sallie Greenough:  HM for Narcissus and 1st for Tulips

  • Elfie Haab:  2nd place for Narcissus

  • Beth Hoover:  HM for Narcissus and HM for Tulips

  • Mary Yagoditch: 2nd place for Narcissus and 2nd place for Tulips