The Garden Workers

"Sun, shadows, passing hours,

Gardens, garden workers, flowers"

Established 1930

The Garden Workers at the 2019 PHS  Philadelphia Flower Show

Walt Fisher and Sue Chapin at the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show Awards Lunch
Walt is the Garden Workers magical bulb mentor!
2019 PHS - Philadelphia Flower Show:Balcony Class

Results of Judging - Friday: 2nd place Wednesday: 1st place

Statement of Intent: Paint Outside the Lines

 En plein air feeds the artist’s soul. While on her warm southern balcony, eastern sunlight filters down tenderly caring for and nourishing her lovely plants. This harmony of colors, variations of light, and the beauty of nature blend together to provide a constant source of inspiration for the artist’s brush.


The Garden Workers

2017 PHS - Philadelphia Flower Show

The 2017 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, “Holland: Flowering the World,” celebrated the beauty and ingenuity of Dutch culture, from vivid flower fields to innovative eco-design, on March 11 to 19, 2017, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The Garden Workers came through with flying colors at the show in 2017.


  • The club’s Windowsill entry placed third (94 out of  a possible 100 points) in a very competitive group.

  • Laura Gregg took the blue ribbon for her entry in the “Tulip Mania” class

  • Suzanne Hay’s small niche took a blue and her pedestal design (with Hilary Maner) was deemed “Best of the Blues” on the day it was judged.

  • Mary Jo Strawbridge won Honorable Mention for her ‘Portrait interpretation’: Brushstrokes

  • Nancy Heckscher won honorable mention for her small niche 'Spice of Life'

    Several Provisionals entered the horticulture classes - kudos to Suzanne Ciangoli who took blue ribbons for her tulips and narcissus classes. (She’s no longer a “novice”)

  • Sue Chapin:  Three 2nd places and 1 third place for Narcissus

  • Suzanne Ciongoli: 1st place for Narcissus and 1st place for Tulips

  • Sallie Greenough:  HM for Narcissus and 1st for Tulips

  • Elfie Haab:  2nd place for Narcissus

  • Beth Hoover:  HM for Narcissus and HM for Tulips

  • Mary Yagoditch: 2nd place for Narcissus and 2nd place for Tulips