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Flower Arranging and Events

Flower Arranging Demo at The Garden Workers

At our March meeting, three very talented Garden Workers demonstrated flower arranging techniques using simple, inexpensive supplies such as flowers from the super market and inexpensive items from Michaels. Keep reading to get the details of each presentation.

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Mary Jo Strawbridge

Mary Jo gave a fascinating demonstration on creating mechanics from decorative wires to use in arrangements. She also provided invaluable information about using oasis and treatment of flowers.


To get the excellent tutorial that Mary Jo prepared, download and print her notes from her presentation which are detailed in the following categories:


  • Flower Arranging Tips for Conditioning
  • Tips for Mechanics
  • Conditioning and Using Fowers
Susanne Hay

Susanne used a round glass vase and grapevine ball from Michaels (Joanne's may also carry them). Hellebores and maple branches were from her garden and green hydrangeas and ranunculus were from Trader Joe's along with succulents.

Janet Frederick

Janet made a striking and very simple table arrangement using 3 square glass containers. Following is a list of her supplies and also her favorite flowers for the dining table.


* square glass cube 4”x4": $2.95 (Use at least 3 and 5 would be better for big impact)


*Aspidistra Decor Ribbon 28yd: $30 (this will last more than a lifetime). You can order this online at: Save On Crafts - $12 for 50 yards


*The allium for the demo were $2 each. For a bigger impact, order the Globemaster Allium. Or better yet, grow it!


All the above were from the Cut Flower Exchange, 1050 Colwell Lane, Conshohocken which is behind Ikea. Ted is the owner and very approachable, nice guy.


Janet’s plant recommendations:

“I love, love, love peonies and they look great when arranged with some blooming branches of Wiegela ‘Wine and Roses’.


I also recommend planting some Globemaster Allium bulbs as they need no care, come back every year and since they are in the onion family, may keep squirrels from digging up any adjacent bulbs.”

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Check this List of Threatened and Endangered Plants

The US Department of Agriculture publishes a list by state of all threatened and endangered plant species. These are prohibited for personal use form the wild - for example in floral arrangements
Click this link to see the Pennsylvania list: PA Threatened and Endangered Plants